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She’s already got it all planned out. Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Agent in VALORANT.

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Trailer made in partnership with We Are Royale.



27. feb. 2021

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Katzenminzenhandel mit Schwerpunkt auf Lasagne
Astra: "I controll space time " Asta: "I got a book with swords in it"
LedgeShot Pred 2 dnevi
The Enemy's Astra:
Penguin Kangaroo
Penguin Kangaroo Pred 4 dnevi
Astrazeneca the vacine
Martin Truong
Martin Truong Pred 5 dnevi
Astra has the infinity gauntlet we are fucked.
Anime Freak
Anime Freak Pred 5 dnevi
Song name
TJ Trapz
TJ Trapz Pred 8 dnevi
I just came here for that song lmao
44 7F Aarush RAKTE
44 7F Aarush RAKTE Pred 8 dnevi
All are making hype of astra And after playing this character: wtf
AlexArken Pred 9 dnevi
I actually just saw this from an ad. Actually didn't make me wanna skip thru
Jacqueline De Leon
Jacqueline De Leon Pred 9 dnevi
just imagine she has a kid and her and her husband are fighting but they dont want the baby to hear so she uses her power😂🤣
Denny Pred 9 dnevi
ahahhaahs sjksjsjsjsj
Anna Swelstad
Anna Swelstad Pred 11 dnevi
0:35 oh that’s symmetra’ ultimate from overwatch
RaccToons Pred 11 dnevi
this agent was a fucking mistake
almogod Pred 12 dnevi
Why do you not add more agents? It can really add to the experience of the game and also a bit of a variety in the choice of agents. I've been pretty deaf about all the characters and I really want to diversify a bit .. Anyone who agrees with me and wants them to add more new characters to give a like. Let's see how many likes you need to get them to add another agent !!
Łuki Pred 12 dnevi
0:06 Thanos
Mufaddal Merchant
Mufaddal Merchant Pred 13 dnevi
If thanos had a wife
stillFLiP Pred 13 dnevi
Why it's always this type of music for this game? They should make a necromancer or werewolf type of character with a death/black metal theme song.
Daniel Samuel
Daniel Samuel Pred 13 dnevi
Ah, so its a character with similar abilities to horizon and the personality of lifeline, love it. Her design and kit are so cool doh
Pranoy J
Pranoy J Pred 16 dnevi
Sad omen , viper , brim noises
Yapımını Göster
Yapımını Göster Pred 16 dnevi
EnderalPhantom Pred 17 dnevi
Imagine how annoying it would be to actually fight against her in real life. She knows literally every single thing you will do.
Pringlets Pred 21 dnevom
rip cypher
malek sidani
malek sidani Pred 22 dnevi
name of the music?
malek sidani
malek sidani Pred 20 dnevi
@ReyLuca ty
ReyLuca Pred 21 dnevom
Lh Lh
Lh Lh Pred 23 dnevi
King Hossein
King Hossein Pred 23 dnevi
Difficult agent
Slowed And Reverbed Songs
Riot : Valorant Moonton: Umm we need a shorter name.. umm how about restless ?
Mab Mab
Mab Mab Pred 27 dnevi
I have watched this 5 times already thanks SLtv recommendations
Mobile Pred 28 dnevi
everyone is giving crap for Astra being useless, but there are a few rare people whom i think would be good with her. Her skillsets require anticipation and prediction, so unlike other agents who require skill and good aim or whatever. Astra players would need to be very intelligent and know what the enemy would do next, they have 'perspective'. So if you got that covered, which I doubt, you would have a big advantage seeing as it doesn't take 5 fucking seconds to perform a skill.
Igor Neto
Igor Neto Pred 21 dnevom
The problem is, I literally never ever see her in my games.
Ghana girl 🔥
Anubhav Purohit
Anubhav Purohit Pred mesecem
Cheap Thanos
senura Pred mesecem
please can u tell me what is this back ground music
senura Pred mesecem
@Joco thanks bro
Joco Pred mesecem
JessB - Bullseye
Gilles Leo
Gilles Leo Pred mesecem
What is the music
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Pred mesecem
New agent from Ghana . . . . Wait... *Realized * *coffin dance intensive *
Renz Tampos
Renz Tampos Pred mesecem
Astra main hereeee!
Isaac Stoor
Isaac Stoor Pred mesecem
this trailer does not explain what she does at all
Skyler Rasmussen
Skyler Rasmussen Pred mesecem
smokes, concusses, pulls, it shows everything it needs
The Protector
The Protector Pred mesecem
dark zoe can make smoks
Mehmet Mehmet
Mehmet Mehmet Pred mesecem
Văn Tuấn Võ
Văn Tuấn Võ Pred mesecem
This champ is fuking hard to play
aashay gunjan
aashay gunjan Pred mesecem
Idk why but I think astra is of Indian culture cause she said 'beginning, continue and now end it's like or believe 'brahma=creator, vishnu=caretaker, mahesh=destroyer.
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson Pred mesecem
Lmao You can literally hear the African accent
siuLAF Pred mesecem
But shes african
Mant Zap
Mant Zap Pred mesecem
She is from Ghana
Tiky Pred mesecem
R.i.p cyhper
Tiky Pred mesecem
R.ip cyhper
Himanshu Pred mesecem
I still unable to understand her and her powers😂
Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah Pred mesecem
cypher lives matter riot
Kermit red Hernando
Kermit red Hernando Pred mesecem
I watch ad astra movie And now there's a new character That her name Astra I like it
Jacques Rousseau
Jacques Rousseau Pred mesecem
I hope there will be a Valorant movie!
Med Slk
Med Slk Pred mesecem
They are a supe 😳
kreigthepsycho Pred mesecem
I hate her dialogues, dunno why but her voice is annoying asf
youssef Abdallah
youssef Abdallah Pred mesecem
we are in act two alot of people are waiting the story of valorant
Red Pred mesecem
Can someone tell em the song because its a bop.
Flux sama
Flux sama Pred mesecem
Any indian region based character if possible because its a great market and you guys know it too. So please 🥺
Flux sama
Flux sama Pred 2 dnevi
@Kri S anything will be fine 😂
Kri S
Kri S Pred 2 dnevi
Data miners leaked a title named Munna.jpeg .... I think it will be a slum based hero with Indian weapon set
Flux sama
Flux sama Pred mesecem
@Gumball Watterson word.exe
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson Pred mesecem
Name:Baljeet Feature-Your computer has virus Special attack-Im here for your extended car warranty
nice g
nice g Pred mesecem
Fix the modders issue
Lyan Amaral
Lyan Amaral Pred mesecem
Karol konká?
Camilo Salvador Fernandez Ibanez
The trailer is good and the character is better, but that flash at 0:28 is just false
LD GAMER YT Pred mesecem
Change her name to fps dropper it will be cool though 😎👍🏻👍🏻
Vromerob YT
Vromerob YT Pred mesecem
@LD GAMER YT I hope they fix it because for me it is a bug, and if not, then Valorant has definitely become a heavy game
LD GAMER YT Pred mesecem
@Vromerob YT yeah same here for low end pc game itself crashes for that we have a penalty though I don't like this penalty system in valo
Vromerob YT
Vromerob YT Pred mesecem
@LD GAMER YT me too, i play 120 fps and when i pass trought the smokes the fps go down to 40, That didn't happen to me before, I think it's a bug.
LD GAMER YT Pred mesecem
@Vromerob YT not lag ya I don't know what those smokes have which drops fps to 40 so it lags not only smokes Astra's ability sucks from my point of view 🤔
Vromerob YT
Vromerob YT Pred mesecem
Oh, so you lagg with the Astra smokes??
Tiky Pred mesecem
I have astra already
Anas B.
Anas B. Pred mesecem
everyhing about this champion screams OP and I love it
Mark Wilson Alcala
Mark Wilson Alcala Pred mesecem
Aurelion Sol what
Feyza Duman
Feyza Duman Pred 2 meseci
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 2 meseci
Still waiting for a french agent 👌
The Meaning is Always Vague
I’ve only known her for 1:12 and I already love her
David Jonathan ines
David Jonathan ines Pred 2 meseci
Fun fact:valorant is inspired of the name of Covid vaccine astrazeneca hahhaha just joking
Jay Vwj
Jay Vwj Pred 2 meseci
ah yes, Valorant. where there are people who uses technology to their advantage and people that can manipulate time and space.
Sneaky Ninja
Sneaky Ninja Pred 2 meseci
If you ever play this character in low end pc, you probably know the sadness of loosing fps, 1 time getting 105fps, next passing through her smoke 20-30fps, very nice
Vromerob YT
Vromerob YT Pred 2 meseci
Hahahaha, me too, hope THEY puto a new update that Astra smokes dont lag
Sivan Vaknin
Sivan Vaknin Pred 2 meseci
get_nepped Pred 2 meseci
Ad Astra Abyssoque
kuzey efe toy
kuzey efe toy Pred mesecem
Welcome to the adventurers guild
Quake Pred 2 meseci
i have no idea how this character works
Electric BG
Electric BG Pred 2 meseci
Anyway yoru is better anyway he is the best agent
snwy i
snwy i Pred 2 meseci
rip my fps
Sleeper Pred 2 meseci
i kinda didnt liked her
Johanes Jefferson
Johanes Jefferson Pred 2 meseci
this will be op
Dennys Gamer
Dennys Gamer Pred 2 meseci
Alguém pode me dizer o nome dessa música?
Himangshu Ranjan Mahanta
Background music name??
Brian A
Brian A Pred 2 meseci
Can’t even play valorant with low ping in Ghana
Rift Void
Rift Void Pred 2 meseci
Me see's astra: cool Me again see's her ablitis: that looks sick Me see's astra's ult: haven't we seen this before?
Quang Minh
Quang Minh Pred 2 meseci
When will they make skin for Agents ?
ksy. Pred 2 meseci
Rabithah Rasyid
Rabithah Rasyid Pred 2 meseci
Her name astra all new skillz
GameXhazard Pred 2 meseci
it looks like a game that you would play in a Middle School computer lab
Ri Lu
Ri Lu Pred 2 meseci
wow she looks cool I almost got her contract to tier 5
Jared F
Jared F Pred 2 meseci
The mix of traditional clothing and street wear blends beautifully
Za Player
Za Player Pred 2 meseci
Astra on my team: lol we got a god Astra on my team: im new
Mamun Ashraf
Mamun Ashraf Pred 2 meseci
ithats mybain now
Kaneki Pantua
Kaneki Pantua Pred 2 meseci
Bg song lit
pappa Pred 2 meseci
Viper mains are crying
Xiao Pred 2 meseci
is she from WAKANDA?
°Itz_Hana° Pred 2 meseci
Woooooow i like this caracter.
FunnyDude Pred 2 meseci
Soooooooo it's cosmic reyna?
LordA239 Pred 2 meseci
other Ghanaian's here?
BOBEL nr.2
BOBEL nr.2 Pred 2 meseci
nicu u
nicu u Pred 2 meseci
is it just me or her ult kinda stolen from symmetra
reincarnashan Pred 2 meseci
Lore: Her full name is Astra Zeneca
Claudio Rodríguez
Claudio Rodríguez Pred 2 meseci
The relieved sweater epidemiologically cheer because giant genomically hope without a goofy captain. sassy, abstracted rule
Yami Kari
Yami Kari Pred 2 meseci
So this is what happen when you combine crack and crystal meth
Mubλrek Pred 2 meseci
Thanos girl boutta get me to quit
Ruzaini Ramlee.02
Ruzaini Ramlee.02 Pred 2 meseci
Thanos 2.0
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here Pred 2 meseci
Is this thanos wife or daughter?
Ved Prakash
Ved Prakash Pred 2 meseci
The perfection they show in this gameplay is diff when a player plays it in reality.
Nadia Lindell
Nadia Lindell Pred 2 meseci
ever thought that the nebula knife was somehow related to astra? because it’s purple and galaxy(ish) looking like her smoke and because of her “nebula/dissipate” ability? 🤔
sound like the girl who made orisa from overwatch lol
GramerDim Pred 2 meseci
Zarya grav from Overwatch Doomfist slam from Overwatch Symmetra wall from Overwatch Overwatch overwatch from Overwatch OMEGALUL.
Electric BG
Electric BG Pred 2 meseci
I actually unlocked and played her only once cuz she is trash
Senidah - Replay
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