Enter the Icebox // Map Reveal - VALORANT 

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Dig your enemies a powdery grave in VALORANT’s new map, Icebox.

Take on the tundra when Icebox drops with Act III.

“Covenant (Feat. Blue Daisy)”
Performed by Snow Ghosts
Licensed from Houndstooth Records

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6. okt. 2020

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palind Pred 15 urami
fucking garbage map
HaraldSimpson Pred 3 dnevi
Worst map, too many corners. Riot tried too much! Please remove the map.
Fire playz
Fire playz Pred 6 dnevi
The map everyone hated
Tejas Pred 10 dnevi
Worst map
Richard Becker
Richard Becker Pred mesecem
Ascent and Breeze wasn't on release, but this map don't suck!
Yasuo Gamer
Yasuo Gamer Pred mesecem
Ah yes time to dodge.
Deva They
Deva They Pred mesecem
hey, new map XD
DAVID PANG Pred mesecem
dogwater map
Carson Fitzgeorge
Carson Fitzgeorge Pred mesecem
Here before people start calling this a better map than Breeze
Mirix scorpione
Mirix scorpione Pred mesecem
with u
Rohit S
Rohit S Pred mesecem
Biggest mistake riot ever made
Abheet Jain
Abheet Jain Pred mesecem
ima keep it real with u,icebox is the worst map of this otherwise awesome game
Juhász Mihály
Juhász Mihály Pred mesecem
Still the most hated map.
Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh Pred mesecem
Now breeze 🤩🤩
yay333t Pred mesecem
The Xbox series X is like an icebox so why don't you bring the game to console
Felicia Allyster
Felicia Allyster Pred 2 meseci
can we have a new map please!!
Vandan Agrawal
Vandan Agrawal Pred mesecem
Your wish has been answered
fieryspy64 Pred 2 meseci
yo its been 6 months. New map next act?
palind Pred 2 meseci
please remove this map, no one wants to play it
도마 PandaJoueur
도마 PandaJoueur Pred 2 meseci
Let's not talk about how all maps have 90° corners...
Arcweeb Pred 2 meseci
Now exit the icebox pls thank you
Felix S
Felix S Pred 2 meseci
sorry but this map is so bad
Asher Skylark
Asher Skylark Pred 2 meseci
Bad map. Cant plant in B properly without getting wallbanged
Jim Kafou
Jim Kafou Pred 2 meseci
Easily the worst map, lol!
GabeTA Pred 2 meseci
Ah yes, the worst map in fps history
AloofMouse244 Pred 2 meseci
I was kinda lost when i saw and played the map for the first time 😅
Optic Amo
Optic Amo Pred 2 meseci
holy shit you are slow
danski Pred 2 meseci
i hate this map
ni6hant Pred 2 meseci
Enter dodging
Ivan Valerian
Ivan Valerian Pred 2 meseci
remember when we were so hyped about a new map? yeaahh.. about that..
3 08
3 08 Pred 3 meseci
Don't judge me for loving this. Jett camping is my thing.
Sleepy Avak
Sleepy Avak Pred 3 meseci
Top 10 videos made before disaster struck
IHC Club
IHC Club Pred 3 meseci
Worst map
MrFrexs Pred 3 meseci
hatest map everyone in comp ''oh my god why this''
Cyan Pred 3 meseci
Sova be like : welcome to myyy world
Mona Kassim
Mona Kassim Pred 3 meseci
I hate this fucking map
Rys3t_リセット Pred 3 meseci
worst map ever
Fighter VV
Fighter VV Pred 3 meseci
alternative title: theworst map reveal
Khaster Pred 3 meseci
welcome to icebox we decrease your games fps by 20 good luck playing on 30fps me: Rrrreeeeeeeee
Huchra333 Pred 3 meseci
Countdown innityedit
palind Pred 3 meseci
This map is so bad
palind Pred 3 meseci
delete this map, NOW
Fil0020 Pred 3 meseci
i hate this map
Marcos Cano
Marcos Cano Pred 3 meseci
i wanna cry each time i remember this map exists
Tímido Pred 4 meseci
The bad map :
Chicken Pred 4 meseci
how tf is this map even exist ? looks like someone just created this map without using his iq well
sharion Pred 4 meseci
Nice Trailer but the map is a mess
Al Shalim
Al Shalim Pred 5 meseci
The reason why people started doing Alt+F4 is here
jajam darwin
jajam darwin Pred 5 meseci
After releasing all are hating this map now 🤣🤣🤣
XxZEUSxX Pred 5 meseci
New map plsss
LoganVR Pred 5 meseci
worst map ever
goob gab
goob gab Pred 5 meseci
This map is cursed
Memo Pred 5 meseci
worst map, no joke
BlackFyre Pred 5 meseci
When you realize half the locations they show in this clip is inaccessible...
XIIB_21_Bharath vikram
All of them thought Phoenix can't use his ability 😂
Chloro Pred 5 meseci
this map is so bad
RewAlgorithm Pred 5 meseci
the worst map ever
palind Pred 3 meseci
@Syncrinal There is a difference between challenging to play and a shit map
Syncrinal Pred 4 meseci
It’s a good map, it’s just super challenging to play
crowstastegood Pred 5 meseci
this map reminds me of the rating system it f*cking sucks
Memo Pred 5 meseci
Xenergy Sky
Xenergy Sky Pred 5 meseci
ですDanilo Pred 6 meseci
The BEST MAP!!!!!!!
The Cringe Guy
The Cringe Guy Pred 6 meseci
Fk this game my pc get fatal error cuz this game, my pc ram is 32GB
Tank Moe
Tank Moe Pred 6 meseci
plz remove icebox its so garbage
Xenergy Sky
Xenergy Sky Pred 5 meseci
Angelo Ang
Angelo Ang Pred 6 meseci
valorant should make a map about Philippines that would be cool
AerthQuake Pred 6 meseci
Dont want to criticize the map designers since visually it looks really good but this is definitely the worst map in valorant and ppl are sometimes so generous that they dont pick a character just so that we wont have to play it
Aditya Chandra
Aditya Chandra Pred 6 meseci
Now,this is the most hated map ever😬💩
Ayaz Kader
Ayaz Kader Pred 6 meseci
when you get icebox but you realize you can't play because someone will dodge
Dread Pred 6 meseci
"Oh god I hate it"
Lacy Balogh
Lacy Balogh Pred 6 meseci
Delete icebox!!!
eanoxd Pred 6 meseci
lets say it this way: if i could delete two of three things in this world and the three things would be; world hunger, inequality or this map, i would delete this map twice.
Rogue Pred 6 meseci
1 month later it became the most hated map
Memo Pred 5 meseci
u mean one day later.
Bittex Pred 6 meseci
Little did we know this map was going to be a disaster
Sohail Uddin
Sohail Uddin Pred 6 meseci
More like campers favourite map
VexX Pred 6 meseci
come on say it with me.... TRASH MAP
Parth Manocha
Parth Manocha Pred 7 meseci
Worst map ever, I can handle bans but I won't play on this map anymore 😑
aiyasura settapan
aiyasura settapan Pred 7 meseci
Pls nerf lmg too
aiyasura settapan
aiyasura settapan Pred 7 meseci
Pls make the map less place to hide
BloodRayne Pred 7 meseci
ekdam tatti map hai compeee se hata do
Unknown -Agario
Unknown -Agario Pred 7 meseci
Can't wait
Backwards Fruit
Backwards Fruit Pred 7 meseci
Ayo fire whoever made this map and skye...
Matthew Wang
Matthew Wang Pred 7 meseci
This map is so shit
Baijaq Pred 7 meseci
It is
TheBl4ckH4nd Pred 7 meseci
Volskaya industry gang
Carter Rogers
Carter Rogers Pred 7 meseci
This maps design is fucking horrendous. It is so irritating to play on. I haven't met one person who actually likes it - and can also tie their own shoelaces.
Kermit the gun
Kermit the gun Pred 7 meseci
this was over hyped
Rifki Nurrahman
Rifki Nurrahman Pred 7 meseci
Worst map ever, IMO
Khaster Pred 7 meseci
Icebox In Competitive is pure hell.... almost everyone who queue in icebox are insane
Alexander Wende
Alexander Wende Pred 7 meseci
Worst map in the game, sorry guys
kiritosama kun
kiritosama kun Pred 7 meseci
I don't like this map it has too many angles to cover like half the time everyone is asking where they got shot from
Nerdsixteen Pred 7 meseci
XuLz Fbof
XuLz Fbof Pred 7 meseci
with this map my pc explodes :v
Josue Chilel
Josue Chilel Pred 7 meseci
De que te sirve un nuevo mapa si tu comunidad es toxica con los reportes :v
Arphasis Pred 7 meseci
Seem like cypher wet dream
Flanger Pred 7 meseci
The very first thing I really dislike from Riot. This map as it is should not be added into competitive.
chopstik_ Pred 7 meseci
Inkiad Sharar
Inkiad Sharar Pred 7 meseci
Raze and reyna needs some sweater for this (mainly raze)
Michael Amir
Michael Amir Pred 7 meseci
this map is sick not thicc sick !
Rashmi Jaiswal
Rashmi Jaiswal Pred 7 meseci
I hate this map when I played it first I was like WTF
Arth Daware
Arth Daware Pred 7 meseci
Terrible map
Shìnigami Pred 7 meseci
With the number of great knives we have in this game, I think there should be a knives mode where you only fight with knives and abilities I know we have spike rush but I think we can have another one that's also quick like this mode here I don't know in all of the time of me playing I've really wanted a nice mode to show off all my collection of Knives and in the normal mode and spike rush unless you really want to fight with knives and the enemy agrees with it almost never happens
Patatizm Pred 7 meseci
Worst map
Luca Meier
Luca Meier Pred 7 meseci
worst map in esports history
Luca Meier
Luca Meier Pred 7 meseci
@Zagi Productions no
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions Pred 7 meseci
Nah ascent is worse
Spinner Sunny
Spinner Sunny Pred 7 meseci
Sova be like: I'M THE HUNTER
Byli Pandu
Byli Pandu Pred 7 meseci
can riot bring back shatter
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
if anyone's still reading this, i'm in some sort of debate with my friends i think icebox is situated in the northern edge of russia, therefore being sova's homeland they think it's somewhere like antarctica or idk my theory is in the comments so if u wanna help me out i'd appreciate it thanks dear ghost who's reading this
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
the point is, in maps like bind and split you can see stuff written in other languages, the language spoken in that specific country in icebox, i couldn't find anything written in russian. what i did find tho was some tags on the containers that said the address of kingdom co, which is in LA so... new map in LA in the future maybe?
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
and finally (for now at least) i searched for some pictures of the northern regions of russia, specially the ones located on ice and surrounded by mountains. the pictures are very similar to the map, also the kingdom base in general looks a bit like russian bases
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
about the tundra thing, i looked it up and it's a biome that's only present in very deep north, like northern edges of canada, some countries in europe et cetera and within that list, there's also russia
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
second of all, in the attacker side spawn of the map, on your right, you can see a world map. i went in there in observer mode and noticed that it says "strategy plan" and there's an orange dot in the north of russia and i'm sure the dots aren't indicators of where the agents are from bc there aren't any dots in brazil for example, and there should be since she's brazilian
Lílian Pred 7 meseci
first, you can see northern lights un the sky of the map, which is something that can be seen in 8 countries (according to mr google), including russia but also some countries in europe like iceland and finland >not< antarctica according to google
New Game Mode is RUINED...
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