Yoru Gameplay Reveal Trailer - VALORANT 

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If you can’t see him, it’s because you have no vision. Take the enemy by surprise as Yoru, the newest Agent in VALORANT.

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Trailer made in partnership with We Are Royale.



11. jan. 2021

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えいきち Pred 15 urami
ガチdaichi yamamotoの曲使われてるやん‼︎🔥
Shiro Kisaragi16
Shiro Kisaragi16 Pred 19 urami
I'll flash anybody I'll flash everybody
FA KE Pred 2 dnevi
Yoru buff
Breee C
Breee C Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh yall do to much😂
TOW Pred 2 dnevi
Video- Yoru: I will fight anybody keep teleporting and killing ace Reality- Yoru: teleports finding where is the enemy standing right in front of him but gets killed by a headshot I meant like in the animations they show that Yoru is the best player and plays like a pro but in reality every single player who takes Yoru turns out to be the most noobest player ever
Pramod Bansal
Pramod Bansal Pred 3 dnevi
The strategy works awesome with it
Shoop Lor
Shoop Lor Pred 3 dnevi
What is the song that is playing?
CorruptedYus Pred 6 dnevi
wth my cat's name is yoru
Decon gaming
Decon gaming Pred 6 dnevi
May be RUN
M. Ilham Alfauzan
M. Ilham Alfauzan Pred 6 dnevi
Josh Viloria
Josh Viloria Pred 7 dnevi
That one ad you don't skip One way
Parth Bhave
Parth Bhave Pred 7 dnevi
Carlo Miguel sigua
Carlo Miguel sigua Pred 7 dnevi
Gameplay reveal gone right
Andrés de Fonollosa
Yoru needs buff His footsteps are not that much good since other agent have more greater power His flash are good but ultimate and the portal is so bad Enemy can easily hear your portal as well as your ultimate And ultimate have late animation enemy can quickly hit you if they hear you
kosis karki
kosis karki Pred 8 dnevi
i have gotten so many kills with yorus ult and portal his footsteps are useless though
Thomas Sosnowski
Thomas Sosnowski Pred 8 dnevi
Even in his ability trailer they don't use his footsteps
6-25_16_Mohammad Baharudin Yusuf
@FunnyNameHere yes, and it can trigger raze’s boombot too
FunnyNameHere Pred 7 dnevi
@Sir Pigeon they can bait certain abilities like the alarm bot I guess?
Sir Pigeon
Sir Pigeon Pred 7 dnevi
Ikr there so useless do they reveal enemy locations somehow I only use tp but mainly the flash
waraporn udondech
waraporn udondech Pred 8 dnevi
So cool💕✨✨
Vedant Wete
Vedant Wete Pred 9 dnevi
" I'll fight anybody , I'll fight everybody " - Yoru, 2021
Vic Pred 9 dnevi
for some odd reason i was recommended this again 4 months later
Ryuū shaa
Ryuū shaa Pred 9 dnevi
Yasa Pred 10 dnevi
gw ga main valoran tp seneng liat iklan ini
EnderalPhantom Pred 10 dnevi
Just imagine warden from R6 in valorant
羽山秘か Pred 10 dnevi
Fuck this! this ad is so repetitive!
Yaitari San
Yaitari San Pred 10 dnevi
everything is so beautiful on trailers, but then....
FBI Pred 10 dnevi
The yoru on my team : ill fight anybody , ill find everyb- “ tp’s and gets knifed by some dude camping his tp “
STD Pred 10 dnevi
The *YASUO* of the Valorant
Nihar XD
Nihar XD Pred 11 dnevi
Song-One Way (Yaichi Damamoto)
RØBINHØØD Pred 11 dnevi
JoeTheEpicest Pred 11 dnevi
yoru just cost us a comp game and this is what i see?
H S Pred 11 dnevi
3%pick rate
Nick Valentine
Nick Valentine Pred 12 dnevi
I like his shoes including the shoelace tie style to be honest.
Clutched Pred 13 dnevi
Best Agent
Palabok CODM
Palabok CODM Pred 11 dnevi
Not really :/
Skotty Pred 11 dnevi
YurkaPotam Pred 14 dnevi
Depressio n
Depressio n Pred 15 dnevi
Yoru in trailer: "I'll fight anybody, I'll fight Everybody." Yoru in game: *Teleports behind you "Nothing personal, kid." Edit: I find ---> I'll fight
void Pred 16 dnevi
Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava Pred 17 dnevi
This Yoru Is Full Of Glitches 😂
Hero PRG
Hero PRG Pred 18 dnevi
Raviedavie Pred 18 dnevi
Just searched this ad up because I really liked the good background song lol. Anyone happen to know what the name of the song is?
羽山秘か Pred 18 dnevi
I want to know the back music... RN!!!!
Bust and Nutz
Bust and Nutz Pred 10 dnevi
@Raviedavie it called One way
Raviedavie Pred 18 dnevi
@羽山秘か yoooo tell me pleaseps
羽山秘か Pred 18 dnevi
@Raviedavie i have the sauce now boiii
Raviedavie Pred 18 dnevi
Roohan Gone G5
Roohan Gone G5 Pred 19 dnevi
Wow so stylish 😯 0:07
Congsang Buragohain
Congsang Buragohain Pred 19 dnevi
I fight anybody... I fight everybody ~YORU
Kaea Glorielle Presbitero
김종선 Pred 19 dnevi
혹시 박재범이 한거 아니지?
Roohan Gone G5
Roohan Gone G5 Pred 20 dnevi
Wow so stylish 0:07
Uncomprehensive Chef
Uncomprehensive Chef Pred 20 dnevi
Dark Eruma
Dark Eruma Pred 22 dnevi
Other Agent: "Look Normal" Yoru: "Literally Demon"
Pranoy J
Pranoy J Pred 21 dnevom
Yup omen looks normal
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
i didn't come to appreciate the ad i am just annoyed by it
Megafan Pred 22 dnevi
Wait hol up did thwy use aimbot for this trailer?
Bust and Nutz
Bust and Nutz Pred 10 dnevi
No 0:22 missed easy shot.
NoobieCodm OfficialGaming
Rip yoru
Gamer Fury
Gamer Fury Pred 23 dnevi
So this a copy version of overwatch
Chasith Udagedara
Chasith Udagedara Pred 23 dnevi
I just can’t
KeeshanplayzYT Pred 25 dnevi
Nc vid I love valorant
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
yoru can use flashes and Phoenix can use hand flashes
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
He just pro killed
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
Yoru can killed the enemy
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
New map icebox
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
Astra and yoru and skye new hero
ignatius majang
ignatius majang Pred 25 dnevi
Yoru can teleport
Sai Abrameyan
Sai Abrameyan Pred 25 dnevi
Now who's gonee Flash Tp ing Bitchh!!
VALORITER Pred 25 dnevi
Who is here after riot disabled yoru 💀
VALORITER Pred 25 dnevi
@Serra102 guess i will have to play kj or omen till yoru comes back
Serra102 Pred 25 dnevi
Yea riot really just disabled my main
Diptesh Maji
Diptesh Maji Pred 26 dnevi
Yoru is the best agent among all other agents.
Ghiakyo Pred 26 dnevi
wait what it gone
fernamatic Pred 26 dnevi
this man got removed for awhile since he can teleport anywhere
ZapAll Playz
ZapAll Playz Pred 26 dnevi
YTMack Pred 26 dnevi
Lets GO! Yoru
Neel Vivek Gokhale
Neel Vivek Gokhale Pred 26 dnevi
Just got removed from the game for fixes
雲雀恭弥 Pred 28 dnevi
daichi yamamotoかっけえ
Heyo It me
Heyo It me Pred 29 dnevi
yo what song this like Im hard vibing rn
Joel Gabriel
Joel Gabriel Pred 29 dnevi
How many YORU main's are in the Comments rn... Click that like
J- Plays
J- Plays Pred mesecem
da music cool man! i really want the music!
slenderhater5 Pred mesecem
0:22 he didn't even get the spike
memeiant Pred mesecem
The coolest trailer
Custodio Anota
Custodio Anota Pred mesecem
Intro music: RUN Yoru's ULT: RUN
Ape Pred mesecem
I like the fact that a flashbang is more interesting than every ability lmao
Nectro 77
Nectro 77 Pred mesecem
be like yoru. wear a mask and stand 1 dimension away from evryone edit: i stole someone comment and edit this a bit
Gabriel Manan
Gabriel Manan Pred mesecem
Wish they put the songs in the description
Tabofren Pred mesecem
People in this comment section thought Yoru was gamebreaking and then he just became the worst fucking agent
Alexis Geiser
Alexis Geiser Pred mesecem
Not me having a crush on Yoru
Paul_paris Pred mesecem
This is dopeeeeee
john lenon narciso
john lenon narciso Pred mesecem
Damm the gameplay was so cool
Aryan gihara
Aryan gihara Pred mesecem
jusraj singh
jusraj singh Pred mesecem
its ok. I still love you ,cypher
TheMenacingCheese Pred mesecem
mans got a butterfly/balisong comb
YU AR GAMING Pred mesecem
Valorant mobile let's go
Kitsune Gaming
Kitsune Gaming Pred mesecem
Yoru: Bye sucker Phoenix: What Yoru : * Kills him *
Zenomorf27 Pred mesecem
Enemy team when its 12 to 14 points and they barely win: 0:47
The coolest guy Studio
Be honest you came here because of the Ads
Elijah Jezriel Bajan
0:14 tbh yoru looks like a lion
dennyS S
dennyS S Pred mesecem
D 4 B 1 T
D 4 B 1 T Pred mesecem
they ignored the footsteps ability just like we do in game
Goobus Pred mesecem
Ah Yoru, or as I like to call him B l u e b i t ch
Orika Pred mesecem
buff this guy please
derek khor
derek khor Pred mesecem
What song or language is that song?
Damuse Pred mesecem
*Proceeds to bot frag*
Colin Farber
Colin Farber Pred mesecem
0:22 "You're kiddin right, fam get the spike!"
Brendan Butters
Brendan Butters Pred mesecem
Can we get one of these for the existing agents?
OlafMajster Pred mesecem
It does not matter if i watched this 100 times or more it gives me hype every time i watch it again and again..
Flainelystro Pred mesecem
yoru in trailer : pro, nice, cool yoru in my team : *teleports, ded
Renzo Ríos
Renzo Ríos Pred mesecem
Has happened to me :/
Mo Pred mesecem
really.. where do they find these beats.. スゲ
S.M. Mahathir Hossain
Yoru teleported 2 times in this clip! 0:45 and 0:51
DasherM Pred mesecem
Bc he killed 2 people (before the yoru buff u need to kill 2 people for the gatecrash to regen)
musa yıldız
musa yıldız Pred mesecem
music pls ?
ASHWIN PARDHE Pred mesecem
This is the coolest character i like more than jett