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Releasing Icebox early means some plans got shuffled. Game Director Joe Ziegler talks about what it means for the future of VALORANT maps and how to get more of them to you sooner.

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Adding map diversity
02:49 Icebox and the future of maps
03:55 Closing

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23. nov. 2020

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Nikola van Delft
Nikola van Delft Pred 19 dnevi
I also think you are doing great but I maybe ca’t judge due to that I can’t play because I am under 16
BotzEX Pred 2 meseci
Roxas Necklace
Xin Huang
Xin Huang Pred 3 meseci
want more content about maps design
ROTECH MJ Pred 3 meseci
i am going to try this game it looks awesome i am a starter gamer
Mayline Delas Armas
Mayline Delas Armas Pred 3 meseci
Valorant mobile? When do you gonna drop it?
Clutcheese Pred 4 meseci
Icebox is the single worst map in any fps I've ever played. I stopped playing when it got introduced and when every upcoming map goes in that direction the game is dead to me.
actual chad
actual chad Pred 5 meseci
every map is a work of art, beautiful work
Vince Gian Cumabig
Vince Gian Cumabig Pred 5 meseci
Valorant is Evolving and getting Beautiful and dont do what ml do they become popular but there updates is getting worse and worse
Envy1337 Pred 5 meseci
I preferred old icebox. Now the meta is A retake and that’s pretty much it. It made it easier to walk up to orb as an attacker but after that post plant is ridiculous especially with the amount of abilities in the game.
song eunwoo
song eunwoo Pred 5 meseci
Korean server want to integrate with Asian servers. It takes a lot of time to play ranking games. It takes about 30 to 50 minutes for 5 people to match the rank game. And there are so many low-level accounts that the inflow of new users is decreasing. Redients and immortals are coming into low-level accounts and dominating the game. Please. Please integrate Asia server with Korea server.
Jefferson Vijay
Jefferson Vijay Pred 5 meseci
Will we see an Indian agent?, Because the Indian fan base is super high.
Fred Plays
Fred Plays Pred 6 meseci
Riot Games, you are killing it with the updates and everything but I do have one request. Valorant has grown in Southeast Asia especially in the Philippines but with the horrible state of intnernet speeds and outrageous pricing prevents us from fully enjoring the game because of constant lagging. I hope you guys can put a Philippine server so we can finally have a fully optimized experience in our region. Hope you all see tthis! Godbless!
JustGetGooder Pred 6 meseci
console. please i wanna play 😭
Aquarelle Pred 5 meseci
No AutoAim noob support and Magnetic bullets... u can not play this Game with casual noob Controller
Farendra Dzaki
Farendra Dzaki Pred 6 meseci
I love how joe ziggler always use his roxas necklace and have a couple of keyblade collection
Kevin Romero
Kevin Romero Pred 6 meseci
Please tell us about how the maps are made!
fire_nation? Pred 6 meseci
i kinda want to two box crate on b but its nice
Flanger Pred 6 meseci
All the maps are amazing except Icebox. Please remove it from competitive :)
sanchit kapoor
sanchit kapoor Pred 6 meseci
when will the new samurai agent come
Siddharth Satpute
Siddharth Satpute Pred 6 meseci
add the feature of letting players choose their map where they want to play. it will surely help gaining back more players .
Siddharth Satpute
Siddharth Satpute Pred 6 meseci
What a nice guy, try adding replays of best kills or final killcam. we'll love it. Love your game
Justeen Lapinig
Justeen Lapinig Pred 6 meseci
Please fix error van 6 please.
OmenPlayz Pred 6 meseci
Please give omen more health
OmenPlayz Pred 6 meseci
@sanchit kapoor no he should have more hp so he is better than everyone its very simple really
sanchit kapoor
sanchit kapoor Pred 6 meseci
@OmenPlayz bruh he is controller how can he have more hp eceryone knows he shud be nerfed
OmenPlayz Pred 6 meseci
@sanchit kapoor yes omen should be best agient in game please they should give him more hp
sanchit kapoor
sanchit kapoor Pred 6 meseci
wtf!! u want . he is already so good and a controller u want buff him!!
iNcyde Pred 6 meseci
remake interface in game, it looks like old amateur thing -.-
Himshikhar singh
Himshikhar singh Pred 6 meseci
plz remove rng
Avadhoot Dhere
Avadhoot Dhere Pred 6 meseci
Please fix smurf problem This is discouraging players from going on compititive queues
Peter Draper
Peter Draper Pred 6 meseci
The sincere train conceptually treat because separated expectedly part round a daffy reindeer. tested, left november
Marvin Pred 6 meseci
First of all, is it mabye worth fixing ur netcode first? I rlly like playing Valorant, but some games just feel like i can't do shit. It's so inconsistent, like enemies are peaking me and i am dead before i can even react. And guys i know what peekers advantage is, but in some game this just dont feel right...
Sameh Elomory
Sameh Elomory Pred 6 meseci
what about north Africa servers we have very high ping in egypt
Zred Pred 6 meseci
Icebox is by far the worst map so far both for comp and professional play; the sad thing is, is that I dont think its fixable either. Really sucks saying this cause I know you guys are busting your ass working on this game. But the rest is really good, keep it up :D
Clilzy Clilzy
Clilzy Clilzy Pred 6 meseci
You guys are so good at making games mad respect, but there are so many boosted players and im silver 3 playing with platinums who cant even kill silvers
Kodaloid Pred 6 meseci
To be blunt, one of the reasons why CSGO will always be around is because of the felt comfortable enough to allow the community to access the design toolchain. I was a modder for quake 1 and have followed the modding/mapping community ever since. All you have to do is create a UE4 starter pack, a guidance sheet for what will be accepted, and a submission form on a website run a mapping competition if you have to, there are many people willing to help for free. The community is smart and mature enough to know how to play by those rules without making you redirect crazy amounts of resources into it. I bet if you ask Volcano he'll say the same thing. Do what Blizzard can't with Overwatch, and enable future mappers to show you what they can do, it sounds like you are already half way there to saying yes.
g10nick100g gamer
g10nick100g gamer Pred 6 meseci
Will there be new weapons in valorant
Alok Chandan
Alok Chandan Pred 6 meseci
TBH, icebox is probably my second favorite map and I'm a Reyna main. sure omen and jett can abuse some positions but the issue is they have way too many angles to check after that, including the one you were just peeked at. it is simpler just to play the way the map is supposed to be played, short range skirmishes.
Clark Dave
Clark Dave Pred 6 meseci
Devs, this game is great and fun. Though I have a 3 minor suggestion. 1.Rank Progress Bar 2.Replay System 3.Randomization of Map Thank you in Advance. And get some Rest.
jerikoh Pred 6 meseci
Enmanuel Duran
Enmanuel Duran Pred 6 meseci
I have played icebox like 10 times only since it came out, everybody hates it for some reason and it is a constant dodge in the selection, I don't know if it is different on lower elos but in diamond/immortal this is a daily situation.
HappyAmiel Pred 6 meseci
@VALORANT will the next patch fix running random headshots?
Goya Pred 6 meseci
seko Pred 6 meseci
soo much de-ranking going on😑😖😖
MaEeL NoSmEj
MaEeL NoSmEj Pred 6 meseci
Hey Riot! Can you make a low quality option. Please I wanna play this game so much.. 🙂🙂
Emmanuel Dare
Emmanuel Dare Pred 6 meseci
I wonder if you could make a video explaining the lore of Valorant.
Chad G
Chad G Pred 6 meseci
New competitive game modes!! I believe in you all.
Khylle Hechanova
Khylle Hechanova Pred 6 meseci
Guys what day is gonna realist a new agent
Ethan C
Ethan C Pred 6 meseci
Interested to hear how icebox was developed. I hated it at first tbh but it’s growing on me.
Burak Ziya
Burak Ziya Pred 6 meseci
we need to see Skye agent trailer place in new map please its will so good so many trees
Roxydoo Pred 6 meseci
Kubic Pred 6 meseci
ice box is trash period
jeffry saul
jeffry saul Pred 6 meseci
Icebox is horrible and 8/10 games there are dodged, pleaseee fix recoil it is ridiculous!
Siddhay Kapat
Siddhay Kapat Pred 6 meseci
Give some fix for the Van6 error code!!! It's ruining the game
Kruthi Kanj Singh Rathod
I want an Indian agent named "Kruthi" as the 14th agent 😜😅😂🤣
Mama mo
Mama mo Pred 6 meseci
Here is a suggestion: Host map making competitions and let the official mapmakers of Valorant be the judges. That way, we can get two maps per new major update and of course, that chosen map will be modified a bit.
Nick Pred 6 meseci
What's up this is Joe from the Valorant team
XtincTisLive Pred 6 meseci
Fuck all the haters who still play csgo saying valorant cannot make even close to csgo
TBK Pred 6 meseci
Ei tui Khela Bujhos Na Bujhle Ko tore pura 1 round dhore bujhamu tao tor loge emne khela jaibo na
slater •
slater • Pred 6 meseci
Thank you guys for all the work u put in to entertain us. I absolutely love Valorant
Enga Veetu Samayal
Enga Veetu Samayal Pred 6 meseci
Guys we need fix for error code van 6 pls
Alan Zulfikar
Alan Zulfikar Pred 6 meseci
I love to wait what valorant give to us come. But i hope i can now what happen ascent story from valorant hehe
teej Pred 6 meseci
use me as an “icebox sucks” button
Faza Ihza
Faza Ihza Pred 6 meseci
yall really are working hard but pls i cannot stress this out more that icebox isnt fun
ScR4PP Pred 6 meseci
Will you ever introduce a selector for the maps, like you can choose what map do you want to play, and will not be random anymore?
ruby ww
ruby ww Pred 6 meseci
what about fakin van6
ANNIEL SANCHEZ Pred 6 meseci
really hate valorant bc this crap wasted 1000 because i made so much accout that it went to the point of me hating it next time make a better game platform like some mobile when i mean sum i mean all like thats not normal this game is a pc game like what is this i have a windows 7 respond now i has been my dream to play valorant but it is shattred
Maco Pred 6 meseci
They are doing such a great job with these updates during this pandemic! Imagine how the updates would be when they go back to physical work when it's safe! Probably better than the best!
PRO Vision007
PRO Vision007 Pred 6 meseci
Devs icebox sucks this is what everyone says 🙂🙂🙂🙂
mahi didi
mahi didi Pred 6 meseci
U guys are doing a great job with this game. But I get deranked or lose a lot of rating after getting afks. I’m a low rank so I also get smurfs..
Moonbeam Pred 6 meseci
if u r gonna update this game fix the trash VAN 6 Error first or ima not pay attention i already reported this error 2 times it get me penalized two times for 4H a day
UwU Pred 6 meseci
Hii pls add a gameplay replay so we could easily download it then upload or review it❤
C Berg
C Berg Pred 6 meseci
Don't mess it up like u did icebox
Alexandre Santana
Alexandre Santana Pred 6 meseci
This guy looks like someone who's gonna give you a dissapointing answer everytime he finishes a scentence.
UCHAKIU Pred 6 meseci
Valorant muchas gracias por la actualización kk me va como el orto el ping, mande a mejorar el internet y aun asi sigue como el culo se nota que les falta mucho, a otros eso no les afecto pero a mi si espero actualice rápido gracias bye.
Harrison Livingston
Harrison Livingston Pred 6 meseci
van error 6
Marco Pred 6 meseci
Ngl Community maps is better than the actual map.
Dank Boi Kae
Dank Boi Kae Pred 6 meseci
Would love to see a 1 v 1 aim arena game mode like in csgo community servers
* Erika
* Erika Pred 6 meseci
I love valorant and I'm actually happy with everything. Can't wait for a replay feature in the future like there's one in league 💗 you guys are amaaazing
timothy thomas
timothy thomas Pred 6 meseci
Can you add Custom play with Bot AI mode in this game for next Update?
SAJI Pred 6 meseci
Hello Volrant team, please fix the ranking bug. I spent all for my account, but my rank does not change. Please fix it. Thank you
* Erika
* Erika Pred 6 meseci
Icebox is my favourite map 😅
Danrey Catingub
Danrey Catingub Pred 6 meseci
irontrol09 irontrol
irontrol09 irontrol Pred 6 meseci
I think that the game have a problem.... And is that we always play in the same map for example to me I always have to play on split but I wanna play other maps but I always get the same :/
Mohammad Ali Naqvi
Mohammad Ali Naqvi Pred 6 meseci
Dear Devs Im really not demanding a lot, i just want an option to choose what map i wanna play. I know some maps will be left not played but we’ll not be giving our 30-40 mins to a map we don’t like and you people will be able to know what maps are not being played much and can bring changes to those maps to improve the experience. This is a win win situation for all imo Other than that, you take your time to make new maps, no need to hurry on that part tho
Joel Valencia
Joel Valencia Pred 6 meseci
Given that you working on this during a time where many projects are delayed because of *RECENT EVENTS* I can tell that the team is working their butts off. Thank you!
Charlie Lyon
Charlie Lyon Pred 6 meseci
The dopamine hit I just got from time stamps in the description from a game company. ☺️
Juice Tea
Juice Tea Pred 6 meseci
Add match replay in match history. And being able to watch ur friend playin in a match
nisfps Pred 6 meseci
How about fixing your rank system? Perhaps showing where you are at each rank with progress to the next or to falling back. Also if you receive match mvp and your team is just terrible you shouldn't go down and at least should get an =.
Aakash Mhasvekar
Aakash Mhasvekar Pred 6 meseci
fixed your riot vanguard
SRVO Pred 6 meseci
yes we'd like to know how icebox was made
Roman Empire
Roman Empire Pred 6 meseci
Christian Alfonso
Christian Alfonso Pred 6 meseci
Can you add where you can pick maps?
Mihad Gaming
Mihad Gaming Pred 6 meseci
Please remove Mumbai server and release South Asia server, where 8 South Asian countries players can play together.
Rynn PH
Rynn PH Pred 6 meseci
Icebox BTS yes please 🥰
Alterego Pred 6 meseci
'earlier than expected'
Gonçalo Gonçalves
Gonçalo Gonçalves Pred 6 meseci
I want to select the maps that I want to play, Im sick of dodging icebox god damn that map is terrible.
I a
I a Pred 6 meseci
Can we remove icebox
YOO PARK Pred 6 meseci
Tbh icebox is the best map for both attack & defence
BryanSWAGGBEAST Pred 6 meseci
Best Game PERIOD!
M.Shamir Inoguchi
M.Shamir Inoguchi Pred 6 meseci
Icebox BTS would be nice
Kyfe Tan
Kyfe Tan Pred 6 meseci
Remove ice box 😡
Ananth Sundaram
Ananth Sundaram Pred 6 meseci
❤️ur game
Im Owerz
Im Owerz Pred 6 meseci
Yo joe... tune down the weed bruh
SicKLe Pred 6 meseci
disappointing.... community made maps/custom games browser will quite literally carry the game for years