Welcoming the Middle East and North Africa to VALORANT 

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Bahrain datacenters are up!

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12. okt. 2020

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Adinkra Pred 5 dnevi
Consider West Africa. We still have 100+ms
بدر الدين
بدر الدين Pred 6 dnevi
Comment section introduction : 45% Indians: Where are Indian servers? 45% North Africans: North Africa is near to Europe than the Middle East. 10% Middle Easterns: thank you Valorant.
بدر الدين
بدر الدين Pred 6 dnevi
I'm from North Africa. In fact, European servers are better for us than the middle east servers, sorry.
It'sMatt Pred 12 dnevi
But what about South Africa??????
Cameron Carr
Cameron Carr Pred 19 dnevi
what about south african servers?
SaliMatez Pred 20 dnevi
Moroccans be like : 🥵🥵🥵🥵
Jonim Williams
Jonim Williams Pred 21 dnevom
South African servers
chop Pred 2 meseci
South African Servers would be very nice, i used to try playing valorant on 200 ping but i switched back to csgo after 6 months. i like both games and would like to put in more time on valorant, please try for setting up SA with servers.
akshay guness
akshay guness Pred 2 meseci
South africa server please
TheYoutubeUser 78
TheYoutubeUser 78 Pred 2 meseci
still waiting for north africa servers...............
yodudechill Pred 2 meseci
Bruh who plays in north Africa lol fam Ur players or in south Africa
Abass_J1 Pred 2 meseci
yacine kettab
yacine kettab Pred 2 meseci
jabaited i guess im tired of this spanish talking can i play in north africa server some english close server come on valorant
shagadelic3000 Pred 3 meseci
Valorant placed servers everywhere except Africa, they just add a African agent and hope we are happy. How is this acceptable? They've used the covid excuse for too long. Almost every country in this continent is still open and functioning. They don't care about Africa.
youtubers dz
youtubers dz Pred 3 meseci
North Africa servers
DCSM Pred 3 meseci
still waiting
Stahli89 Pred 3 meseci
For what if 90% plays on the Eu servers anyway no matter what. lul
Maulana Aufa Nafis
Maulana Aufa Nafis Pred 3 meseci
0:05 Assalamu'alaikum? Wa'alaikumus Salam Ibu yang cantik banget 😁.
Blue dog
Blue dog Pred 4 meseci
We need south african servers
SiphonZA Pred 4 meseci
We need south africa
Flocanard Pred 4 meseci
dont say mena is only me
John Beats
John Beats Pred 4 meseci
You guys lied to us you said north africa ! And the north african servers doesn't exist nice fake marketing strategy that Bahrain server is too far from as it has 150 ping nobody cares about africa for real we never had a server in any single game north africa middle africa south africa east africa west africa like we don't even exist fuck this world
Rude Elvis
Rude Elvis Pred 4 meseci
Rude Elvis
Rude Elvis Pred 4 meseci
Yuma Pred 4 meseci
don't mind us south africans who have more gamers because of a better internet infrastructure ;-;
DryAutumn Pred 4 meseci
everyone is fighting about the server and how the servers arent enough while am just over here a Nigerian knowing full well no game is gonna have a server here
Ace Pred 5 meseci
No india but 😞
ali aldossary
ali aldossary Pred 5 meseci
Im lucky i literally live in khobar its like 50 minutes to get to bahrain from here!! Lollll and i get 15-20 ping
CROSS N KARMA Pred 5 meseci
i’m here still waiting for an african server i live in south africa and most of my friends are starting to get demotivated as after gold it’s impossible to climb at 200 ping
SHeZz LIZarD Pred 5 meseci
Please we nnnneeed South African valorant servers we have so many players
Zerin BH
Zerin BH Pred 5 meseci
The Bahrain servers barely work for me, i get in a game and after a few second i get kicked out and have to wait for 2 hours to play only to get another error saying VAN-1.
Pieter van Zyl
Pieter van Zyl Pred 5 meseci
India and South Africa be like, how nice
Muhanad Al-Nasser
Muhanad Al-Nasser Pred 6 meseci
Thanks I guess Lol tournament
Dess Pred 6 meseci
power - باور
power - باور Pred 6 meseci
Internet speed in eygpt 120 kb/s 4 days for download valorant😧
power - باور
power - باور Pred 6 meseci
We need server in north Africa pleas
power - باور
power - باور Pred 6 meseci
0:15 really wow the internet in eygpt very slow Thank you
PJ Mosi
PJ Mosi Pred 6 meseci
Everyone talking about servers for India, what about South African servers?
PJ Mosi
PJ Mosi Pred 6 meseci
When will we get south african servers? If we get south african servers our player will be able to compete in higher ranks.
Luminous Ghost
Luminous Ghost Pred 6 meseci
Bruh where are these serves and why can't I see them?
Nona Q
Nona Q Pred 6 meseci
As a north African, I prefer playing in the european server with 49 ms rather than Bahraini server that goes as up to 159 ms, Unless a new server is going to be implemented soon in the area, this changes nothing for us.
Ahmad Ibrahim
Ahmad Ibrahim Pred 6 meseci
Bruh my ping in Bahrain server is more than my ping in paris server, make a Jordan or Turkey server not Bahrain ppl
Thunderswift KE
Thunderswift KE Pred 7 meseci
So when did she say north Africa in that video What is this bullcrap
Yasser bz
Yasser bz Pred 7 meseci
ty for the serveur
Mr. smile
Mr. smile Pred 7 meseci
This video was made for middle East and south Africa people Indians : there's a lot of gamers then middle East and south Africa why we don't have our server's
Mr. smile
Mr. smile Pred 7 meseci
I will try to forget the funny voice acting of the chacters on arabic
Damian L
Damian L Pred 7 meseci
Please bring African servers! South Africa has a huge fan base but everyone is uninstalling because of ping. We still get 180ping with the middle east servers. I love the game but soooooo frustrating playing on this ping.
MemeRulerMikey. Pred 7 meseci
Thank you so much I'm African and i get 77 ping on Bahrain at least its 77 thank you so much riot.
Shattered Knight
Shattered Knight Pred 7 meseci
arshaq23 Pred 7 meseci
where is the dubai server?
Lobsterful Yes
Lobsterful Yes Pred 7 meseci
finally, i can actually get good ping
When will the North Africa servers go live
Praymery Pred 7 meseci
there are many players in the north africa we are need servers in tunisia algeria and maroco
itisye leo
itisye leo Pred 7 meseci
Ok csgo didn't do this so i am going to try valorant goodbye csgo
Everything is just a bruh moment
Plz do south africa/ southern african server
Дмитро Морозов
Best wishes for valorant
WahyuBudi Laksono
WahyuBudi Laksono Pred 7 meseci
when will valorant mobile be release
Meena's Kingdom
Meena's Kingdom Pred 7 meseci
I hate riot that nerf killjoy abilities. I love kj and bid fan of this character. On 1.11 patch make kj cant move any where or watch behind for enemy that come back side. And that is the big problem for low rank and skill player. Yes it is me! And big problem especially icebox map it wide make sentinel skill be more useless due to many way to entry the site. Hate you riot!
Jayant Kumar
Jayant Kumar Pred 7 meseci
Where is my gunbuddy? It's November 2
S8fahad Pred 7 meseci
league of legends????
Masa Masa
Masa Masa Pred 7 meseci
Make the server in north africa algeria pls
boris charles nlogan
boris charles nlogan Pred 7 meseci
for real,this guys always do sketchy things when it comes to africa. bahrein is as far from north africa as france ,we rather just play on paris servers with same high ping ,and get killed for ping delays, RIP brothers ,they never take us seriously ,i wish and online game did
BLACKX135 Pred 7 meseci
We need North Africa servers plz we play on ping 120
Binod Thapre
Binod Thapre Pred 7 meseci
fix the servers please i play with a perfectly fine network and it disconnects me then i have to stare at a fuckin background for 50 minutes please do it!! please!!
Binod Thapre
Binod Thapre Pred 7 meseci
i know nothing's gonna change so it was just to release my frustration
Yassine Boutane
Yassine Boutane Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
Yassine Boutane
Yassine Boutane Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
Yassine Boutane
Yassine Boutane Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
Yassine Boutane
Yassine Boutane Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
Yassine Boutane
Yassine Boutane Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
roland milinkov
roland milinkov Pred 7 meseci
In serbia
roland milinkov
roland milinkov Pred 7 meseci
Poot a data to serbia
Drew Wan
Drew Wan Pred 7 meseci
Am I the only one bothered that she is using the blue yeti wrong?
thunder god
thunder god Pred 7 meseci
so that was a lie
NINJAN Pred 7 meseci
If they added indian serveur your to see them flying and killing because they only use hack they have no skills
m1mosa Pred 7 meseci
Lol India has a global level Valorant team, Mena is noobest region for eSports on the planet.
NINJAN Pred 7 meseci
we need North africa servers tha will help a lot
yassine boss
yassine boss Pred 7 meseci
talk about north africa next time please im player with 60 ms
TRAP SHADOW Pred 7 meseci
North Africa is so fare from Bahrin (ping 180~200) We need the servers in Algeria or Tunisia
MrJamezJC Pred 7 meseci
This is a great step in the right direction but South Africa still plays at best 130 ping and we have one of the biggest player bases in all of Africa. Please could South Africa have some more attention cause I assume you our player base currently it not an accurate representation of player base since so many people refuse to play with such high ping. If servers are added in South Africa then I can assure you that the player base could possibly double or more as it will allow all of central and Southern Africa to play with under 100 ping which is actually an enjoyable experience
m1mosa Pred 7 meseci
It's really sad bro how they ignore Africa. Also MENA Bahrain only helps ME which is west Asia and not NA. So whole of Afrcia gets ignored. I actually love how they released Indian server so I play at 13-25ms.
Unity King
Unity King Pred 7 meseci
bahrain isn't really middle easy im in egypt and my ping is 140 bruh are we a joke to you guys
Rossi Pred 7 meseci
masresha geremew
masresha geremew Pred 7 meseci
Dam cool game i want to see a cinematic trailer like lol that would be awsome
Shìnigami Pred 7 meseci
With the number of great knives we have in this game, I think there should be a knives mode where you only fight with knives and abilities I know we have spike rush but I think we can have another one that's also quick like this mode here I don't know in all of the time of me playing I've really wanted a nice mode to show off all my collection of Knives and in the normal mode and spike rush unless you really want to fight with knives and the enemy agrees with it almost never happens
AWAXX w raouf
AWAXX w raouf Pred 7 meseci
glosax Pred 7 meseci
aleyküm selam abla
ali wrx
ali wrx Pred 7 meseci
We need one in kuwait please and for leage
AbdelhadiGamer Pred 7 meseci
Middle East is Not North Africa, We need servers in North Africa !!
sambuddha bhusal
sambuddha bhusal Pred 7 dnevi
@wivex -x- Bruh then it might be cause of routing issue as you should get around less than 80
ali aldossary
ali aldossary Pred 2 meseci
ali aldossary
ali aldossary Pred 2 meseci
@Ruan Ferreira lol i get 7 ping i live in bahrain
The genius Crimson demon
@RevivedSoul it’s not like we said that riot games are lazy ass game company chill
RevivedSoul Pred 4 meseci
Plz stfu!! You get a server, you want server or no server? People never get pleased.. She was nice and stuff. Atlast you guys get a server except India and South Africa.
AtomicPrism Pred 7 meseci
I'm from Kuwait so good for me
GARNANDO Gaming Pred 7 meseci
Ruan Ferreira
Ruan Ferreira Pred 7 meseci
Omw 2hy. We are here in south africa and now you do us like that.😪😔 Why dont you guys do south african we are all around
mostafa yasser
mostafa yasser Pred 7 meseci
North africa (specifically Eygpt which is btw literally the closest to Bahrain) has higher ping in the middle eastern server that Europe.
Kayo Ongkiko
Kayo Ongkiko Pred 7 meseci
WND Pred 7 meseci
We had been there but ill take it
Snakelo Nxumalo
Snakelo Nxumalo Pred 7 meseci
F for us fellow South African gamers
DragX Pred 7 meseci
L E T ' S - G O
Average jonas
Average jonas Pred 7 meseci
Welcome !
vortex eruption
vortex eruption Pred 7 meseci
I’m from Kuwait 🇰🇼 literally neighbors to Bahrain though my ping is shit 300+
SPINCHA Pred 7 meseci
what do they mean north Africac ? the new servers in Bahrain are 180 ping for me europe is still a better option with 50 ping lmao
Freaky Pred 7 meseci
tysm ! ❤️ my best server was frankfurt 1 my ping was 109 :) but in middle east i got like 40 i just wanna say thank you
Sin Valor
Sin Valor Pred 7 meseci
Yall gonna add Valorant on consoles?
Classiccle Pred 7 meseci
Damm Such a shame,was so excited for North African servers and later realize that there was no north African servers....Huge Bummerrrr
Mile Kitic - Klinac
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Mile Kitic - Klinac
Ogledi 302 tis.
Mile Kitic - Klinac
Ogledi 302 tis.