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VCT Game Changers is a new program which will supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within VALORANT esports. The competitive VALORANT community is both diverse and incredibly global, and our esport should reflect that. Through Game Changers, we hope to build towards a VALORANT Champions Tour that is more inclusive and representative of our community.

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23. feb. 2021

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Valiantec Pred 9 dnevi
She's using the mic the wrong way >.>
yay333t Pred mesecem
A gamechanger would be to bring this game to console
Kapil Dangra
Kapil Dangra Pred 2 meseci
We want India 🙏🙏
Wither FlintGFX
Wither FlintGFX Pred 2 meseci
Ok so, i think i speak for most male gamers here, i know full well that women can be just as good at videogames, its just uncommon to see a woman playing competitively, as a male i tend to want to show that im just as good as anyone else, i think its great that women are becoming more prevalent in the gaming picture, its just uncommon.
Milkman Pred 2 meseci
can someone turn of this dishwasher ?
Vort3xy Pred 2 meseci
a woman?
xo 4u
xo 4u Pred 2 meseci
if i just say ‘get good’ would i really be that wrong ?
Nitemare Pred 2 meseci
please bring us South African Servers. We play on 200 ping and we cant even compete for challengers or masters :(
منوعات ثقافية
pls riot we need a north africa serveur
Advait Palav
Advait Palav Pred 2 meseci
I don't care about player's gender. I care about their talent. If they're good enough, then I don't mind watching them. I don't think women need a separate division to compete in. Some of them are really good players. Instead of making a female only roster, let them grind their way up just like every other professional. I think mixed rosters would be better in giving them the opportunity to compete and prove their own worth to the world. Cloud 9 white needs to stop bragging about their small victories. Yeah it is a good thing that they won against some pro teams. But that is what is expected of you. That is not something to brag about.
Joshua Polischuk
Joshua Polischuk Pred 3 meseci
If you grief a game based on teammate's gender then please, for the love of everyone who has ever touched a game, take a year long break and go the fuck outside.
NifferZ4 Pred 3 meseci
Video spuld not have a man and women it’s it’s physical
Aarush Sharma
Aarush Sharma Pred 3 meseci
why indian lan tournament is not organising by you all if you want a fair tournament support indian esports you fucking riot ,😡😡😡😡😡
Osama Alo
Osama Alo Pred 3 meseci
we need translate to arabic pls
Bun Pred 3 meseci
Why are half of these clips gold/plat level clips
VanessaDD Pred 3 meseci
I filed thousands of complaints, emailing support is waste of time, they just give that to a third party to handle it. If she was serious she would have live moderators checking games randomly or when someone requests a mod during the game so they can ACTUALLLY hear what men say to us. A guy asked me how hold I was and the first thing he said to me after was how he would love to stretch my p**y - I muted him but the mute button something glitches out - if leave the game I get banned - at the select screen I can tell people are toxic, we don'd have a choice but to play with whoever they peer us with - I am sick of it
John Citrowske
John Citrowske Pred 3 meseci
I don't understand why esports is separating men and women. She said that women have a competitive disadvantage. What? This is the one of few sports where they have an even playing field.
subhash chandra dhar
subhash chandra dhar Pred 3 meseci
Hello, mam plz watch the popularity of valorant in different regions and then decide which countries should be invited. You guys have the most player playing from India and yet not inviting us in any of the major events.
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr Pred 3 meseci
I hope you guys will shine spotlight on Philipino and Korean players, some of these girls are crazy good! Very High ranked too! Unfortunately, they still face a lot of harassment in a mostly male-player-dominated region so they could really use this. For those of you who don't know check out Mika Daime and Geguri stories.
game showman
game showman Pred 3 meseci
It's an interesting idea, but I don't see a feamle series being popular in a competitve scene because the level of play 1 has over the other. It's just like the wnba compared to the nba. Of course I'm going to get destroyed if I go against anyone on the team, but I'd rather watch the male scene because the people in that org are better and more competitive in the game.
Jacek Placek
Jacek Placek Pred 3 meseci
it's so funny that 92k views and 800 comments. STOP DELETING COMMENTS! We don't need 10 separate leagues for people that can't play on the top level... You are not pro and you suck... sex equality! May be we will have a series for people that play with no hands?
Jessica Winslet
Jessica Winslet Pred 3 meseci
They don’t listen to the community, I honestly went back CSgo. Can’t take ridiculously long penalties when their game crashes. Thei atrocious rankings system... their skins are 40 to 120 dollars lol my god who is the dumbass behind this game
darky Pred 3 meseci
Ewww this game supports washing machine rights
Edims Pred 3 meseci
to be fair, introducing an extra league for women is kind of disrespecting its like admitting they are worse than male players, i love everything they are doing to get rid of the griefing and trolling, but an extra pro scene ? pretty useless imo
Galax Gunz
Galax Gunz Pred 3 meseci
It would be cool to set up a sort of junior league for people in highschool, and setting up an introductory competitive scene.
ChazmGG Pred 3 meseci
Please drop more regional servers
SunShine Pred 3 meseci
Benjamin Philips
Benjamin Philips Pred 3 meseci
It's weird seeing her go from league to valorant but she is awesome wherever she goes.
Mr ViVi
Mr ViVi Pred 3 meseci
Why dont we make a seperate queue for stacks 3+ in comp and similar to League have Solo queue and flex queue. I'm a solo player,sometimes i play duo sure but i never play stacks,but its extremely annoying to be stomped by a stack of 4 who's superior coms are impossible to beat. Please riot. For the love of God.
Achyut Sharma
Achyut Sharma Pred 3 meseci
Plz make a agent from India origin
Daniel Pred 3 meseci
valorant plzzzzz make this game support ultra wide. then i wasted my money on a ultra wide. i don’t want to be disssapointed. ☹️😢🥺🥺
Rub M.
Rub M. Pred 3 meseci
Valorant is shit.
ID_Avalon Pred 3 meseci
Women have always had the same opportunity. It’s not like men have computers that automatically make their aim better. At a professional level their should be high skill involved. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman it should be about getting the best players of all backgrounds on teams to compete against each other. Not just giving women spots on teams because of their gender. If it were true equality then women would have to have the same skills as a man to get on a team, but instead they are gonna discriminate against men.
Arkay Swami
Arkay Swami Pred 3 meseci
maybe you should make reyna's eyes a bit larger
Elijah Jiao
Elijah Jiao Pred 3 meseci
how is it daunting for women? bruh the game is literally made as balance to every characters so being a women doesn't really change anything plus ive seen women play better than men in valorant .. that's why i love riot games because it's always balance you don't have advantage everything is equal regardless the gender... it all comes down in skills which i believe women do possess and it can compete with men
Arsen Here
Arsen Here Pred 3 meseci
can yall fix the smurf problem? i went from bronze 3 to bronze 1.
Triplorian Pred 3 meseci
Kedman Pred 3 meseci
"Competition in video games can prove to be trying for women and too often constitute a very marked handicap." If you think women can't get over the stress of a video game, you're either sexist or you're right and they're not cut out for esports ...
Kedman Pred 3 meseci
Oh yeah...Cool, LGBTQA+++ esport player...Awesome...Who cares ?
Obuzābā Pred 3 meseci
Make game more political
Sneaky Snake
Sneaky Snake Pred 3 meseci
If you want to make the game represent our society accurately (better) then invite no more than 10% LGBT
Okocim Pred 3 meseci
I don't get it to be honest. I feel like they are simply saying that women are not good enough to participate in pro e-sports, so they are preparing Paralympics for them to participate in? Isn't it kind of offensive?
ID_Avalon Pred 3 meseci
this 100%
Penble Valorant
Penble Valorant Pred 3 meseci
New battlepass? Pls upgrade the knife
Justin McIver
Justin McIver Pred 3 meseci
Well this video just shows, they don’t think women are as good as men
Giyuu Tomioka
Giyuu Tomioka Pred 3 meseci
Sage: 超越极限 Breach :Trotsa gränserna Sova: бросать вызов ограничениям Cypher: تتحدى الحدود Raze: Desafiar os limites Reyna: Desafía los límites Omen: Defy the limits Viper: Defy the limits Jett :限界に逆らう Yoru: 限界に逆らう Killjoy: Trotze den Grenzen Skye : Defy the limits Phoenix : Defy the limits Brimstone: Defy the limits
JANTI Pred 3 meseci
*Love Valorant 🇹🇷🇹🇷😚😚*
Sudhu Pred 3 meseci
ep1cal Pred 3 meseci
So basically, lets segregate weaklings from the real esports, good, good.
horFİC Pred 3 meseci
hey valorant person cannot enter the game after the last update, dx11 feature is compatible with 10.0 engine, everyone says this problem please fix this problem please
VideoGame Void
VideoGame Void Pred 3 meseci
You should change the spike icon when your team is the planter to blue because its a lil confusing to play a round as attacker if it just shows the devil color or red
Gen B
Gen B Pred 3 meseci
Very nice
EC Petr0
EC Petr0 Pred 3 meseci
I can't play this game even though im 16 sad.
Sultan Saad
Sultan Saad Pred 3 meseci
Bludika Pred 3 meseci
i thought all the crazies claim there is no "gender" lol...? but this is focused on girls only, why?
Obuzābā Pred 3 meseci
because its sexist
Leart Bahtiri
Leart Bahtiri Pred 3 meseci
And frenzy 400 credits
Leart Bahtiri
Leart Bahtiri Pred 3 meseci
Pls bring back valorant yorus ult reynas Q E
Samuel Gabriel
Samuel Gabriel Pred 3 meseci
Can you please launch valorant mobile
l JK l
l JK l Pred 3 meseci
Fix run & gun. Thx.
Bryce Reed
Bryce Reed Pred 3 meseci
i made a account on this game and it is on my cromebook from my school and it says to download it but i cant but like i said i made a account please get back to me in the next 2 days please thank you!!!
Crimz Official
Crimz Official Pred 3 meseci
This video was not the move
Petke Shade
Petke Shade Pred 3 meseci
This is all lovely but can you please make a better shop as well?
Rayen Ben Driaa
Rayen Ben Driaa Pred 3 meseci
men or women there no difference in esports if a woman is highly skilled she should be recruited in a good team with other men or women i don't think there a need for a females only tournament
Nitro San
Nitro San Pred 3 meseci
You basically just said women can’t effectively compete against men in esports lmao
Demki 7
Demki 7 Pred 3 meseci
STOP THE SMURFS EVERY SECOND ROUND I GET AN UNRANKED FRAGGER WITH 37/41/39/46/36/32 Kills These Are some examples. Maybe block accounts from the Same ip or something like that. USE YOUR BRAIN. Like so they see
WilderSimbo Pred 3 meseci
I wish for the next update that you are not immediately banned when you leave a round or you are briefly Afk. I find it stupid that you immediately get a 2 hour ban when you leave a unranked match. I think the penalties should be based on ranked.
Sam Hain
Sam Hain Pred 3 meseci
I died from cringe. While already being dead. Wow.
ImWerzuq Pred 3 meseci
With all the respect, qould you please remove icebox?
アリシャ Pred 3 meseci
Woman aren't being held back in competitive scene by any means. Its not average men's fault that they are just better than your average female in said competition. Also, if someone's just toxic and wants to be toxic to their team, you being a female or male does not matter in any shape or form. The only thing that might change is how they gonna insult you. You being targeted for being a female is just as much of a possibility as someone else being targeted for being a Russian or Turkish. Use the block and report feature. They are there for a reason. Me and any other hardened females that were playing online games since around 2005 and above, seen people being toxic against any and all kinds of people. Its not a female exclusive issue, and people who say it is haven't seen jack and simply does not have enough experience in the matter. Ill never understand why we can't focus on the issue has a whole but has to be one sided. Why aren't you encourage and help pro canditates from countries that cant attent due to lack of support? Why aren't you handling toxicity issue AS A WHOLE? Just because you're a woman it means you have to be protected and encouraged than anyone else? No wonder this beloved company fall flat from the grace after LoL season 4. From a player-driven company to an absolute corporate. Sad.
Stanley Leonard Darmali
@Crystal Cali My God that is cringy
Crystal Cali
Crystal Cali Pred 3 meseci
The only thing that might be specific to females is the requests for nudes, sexual favors, and your bf's personal information. Ok, so that last one is definitely a very specific situation that I definitely recorded and posted on my channel for some top tier cringe content.
Stanley Leonard Darmali
Ikr. I hate some people think females get more toxicity than other players. It's simply changes the insults used.
Charming Peasant
Charming Peasant Pred 3 meseci
So you're saying female players arent good enough on their own to compete on equal footing with male players ? How do you plan to elevate female players in pro scene, when you cuddle them in safe spaces ? This just feels like soft bigotry of low expectations.
game showman
game showman Pred 3 meseci
@random commenter That's pretty naive to say.
random commenter
random commenter Pred 3 meseci
@game showman well you just gotta train them, after they get noticed obv
game showman
game showman Pred 3 meseci
@random commenter They don't though. If you look at League of legends, multiple times have there been all female teams that have failed because they weren't at the level of play as the other teams. Not because the org is sexist.
King Kehmi
King Kehmi Pred 3 meseci
@random commenter exactly. you nailed it on the head
random commenter
random commenter Pred 3 meseci
Women often get overshadowed by men, companies and teams just prefer men because sexism, this might help them get more in the spotlight.
Sunday Flower
Sunday Flower Pred 3 meseci
Gametail Pred 3 meseci
Galorant HAHAAH
Frq Shapola
Frq Shapola Pred 3 meseci
fix the game for males first then we can talk about females
Ash Drunkenstein
Ash Drunkenstein Pred 3 meseci
I don't get why eSports should be gender biased 🤦🏻
Youtee Pred 3 meseci
Make valorant on ps4
Youtee Pred 2 meseci
@Aquarelle It's ur choice how to play.
Umut Dem
Umut Dem Pred 3 meseci
Valorant: Best in PR worst in preventing cheaters ( wallhack/aimhack is everywere )
Thiago Scala
Thiago Scala Pred 3 meseci
0:32 can someone explain how?
Vaspuci Pred 3 meseci
Imagine the game include an option called queue by language,so everyone can chat with their own language .
Whomping Walrus
Whomping Walrus Pred 3 meseci
I thought this, but then some dude asked me why I was queueing for matches on the south american servers if I didn't speak Spanish. I checked my Riot account region, and it was "Argentina" for some reason, even though I'm in the US. If you always get matches with people who speak other languages, might be worth checking your account setting & getting it fixed if so.
Samvirus Pred 3 meseci
Hello I downloaded this game 2 days ago and I am having problems with it my trackpad is not working with it I don't know why can you pl tell me an solution or what I have to do pl Pl Thx
Constantin Cyris
Constantin Cyris Pred 3 meseci
pls make valorant for console pls :(
Alpha Kellover
Alpha Kellover Pred 3 meseci
After the update it's bad I get +21 if I play ver good.if I we lose even if iam match MVP -30 wtf is thus ranking
Twitch Beast
Twitch Beast Pred 3 meseci
Hopefully this doesn’t end like the csgo attempt at all female teams
Fazril Maulana
Fazril Maulana Pred 3 meseci
Buff sage pliss
Cedric Andre Samson
Cedric Andre Samson Pred 3 meseci
I swear to god even women play better than me in-game. It took me nearly a full month to reach Gold.
V I K I N G Pred 3 meseci
What about INDIA ? 🤔
mansour merchant
mansour merchant Pred 3 meseci
Fix your bugs so much bugs just start fixing your bugs so we low end pc can play more good
Denis XD
Denis XD Pred 3 meseci
i jus love skye in videos
Pogsii Pred 3 meseci
This is awesome!
KreezY Pred 3 meseci
Teşekkürler thank you
Alejandro Willems Lizano
I can already smell some the toxic comments incoming but lets be real: it is so cool u guys adress this! Massive respect
Alyek Pred 3 meseci
This is awesome! I wish I had this when I played Halo 3. Im sure so many girls would’ve pushed to get out there. So happy to see what comes out of this ❤️ ...and for those who say girls just have to get good. In Halo 3, everyone I scrimed with made teams to fly to MLG and was then told I should make a girls team bcs I was good. We didn’t really have female players competing in our area. I watched them from sidelines get top 32, if thats not gatekeeping idk what is. That’s why programs and initiatives like this are so needed.
Zihad Fahami
Zihad Fahami Pred 3 meseci
Can you add an agent that does Kung-Fu as one of it's skill? That would be dope I think.
i0Ta Pred 3 meseci
India is still waiting.i hope you guys will not disappoint us
lino rival
lino rival Pred 3 meseci
Valorant New Map please
Ralf Villorente
Ralf Villorente Pred 3 meseci
im very glad that they are aware of the sexism in valorant,
Shrey Navadia
Shrey Navadia Pred 3 meseci
What’s the Background music from 1:23 ?
MR. FuRy
MR. FuRy Pred 3 meseci
Any tournament for india
SPY RAZE Pred 3 meseci
Valorant Philippines player have a peoblem we have manny bugs example cannnot start game high pls fix it and im kilking the enemy i shot 3 bucky but enemy wont die And i check downdetector ph it got 200+ report Please be fix thanks riot i really love valorant🥰
Damian Wlodarczyk
Damian Wlodarczyk Pred 3 meseci
People don't grief because they have a female n their team, they grief because she sucks. Improve the mmr system, so the female is matchmaked with people of her skill level and problem is fixed.
Damian Wlodarczyk
Damian Wlodarczyk Pred 3 meseci
team siren unite!!!!!!
KLAUS Pred 3 meseci
All over the world.. Except Africa 💔
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr